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About LSVT Global, Inc.

Innovative therapy solutions for Parkinson disease and other neurological conditions

LSVT Global, Inc. pioneered the Lee Silverman Voice Treatments (LSVT LOUD® ; and LSVT BIG® )(, innovative and clinically-proven methods for improving communication and movement in individuals with Parkinson disease with application to other neurological conditions.

LSVT Global operates a profitable business, training speech-language clinicians worldwide in a research based, proprietary speech therapy approach developed by its founders. To date, over 9,200 speech-language clinicians in 54 countries have been trained and certified in LSVT LOUD.  In turn, these clinicians have treated over 30,000 patients. Most recently, LSVT Global has begun to train physical and occupational therapists on a derivative of the speech treatment that is directed at improving the whole body movements of individuals with Parkinson disease. To date we have over 1,600 physical and occupational therapists in 16 countries trained and certified in LSVT BIG.

Clinicians are trained through both in-person and online LSVT Global Workshops in the LSVT protocols and serve as an extended indirect global sales team to deploy the therapeutic protocols (LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG) and technical products (LSVT Companion®®®®) to patients. LSVT Global’s business model and technical delivery mechanism enables rapid scale and global access to these life-changing methods. There is protected intellectual property; and the market entry has been established.

LSVT Global has a loyal client base and outstanding spokespersons that endorse our products. Our work is well grounded in university research programs and market networks, both of which are certain to fuel continued growth.