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LSVT BIG Workshop Testimonials

Are you wondering if you should attend an LSVT BIG® Training and Certification Workshop?

Read what other clinicians have said about their participation in these world renowned workshops.

Click here to submit your own personal testimonial about the LSVT BIG Training and Certification Workshop.

“I liked the patient practice, it allows for me to begin working on LSVT BIG with my patient’s right away and feel comfortable that I am doing exercises/treatment correctly.”

“I thought the instructors were very skilled at conveying all aspects of care from research, techniques, etc.”

“I really liked how ample time was given for practice of the movements.”

“Patients with PD have the potential – they just don’t tap into it because it requires more and more effort for them to move ‘normally’- I can help!”

“The technique of LSVT BIG will be very useful to me for the home health setting.”