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LSVT Patient Testimonials

“Thank you so much for being my Speech Therapist for my LSVT training.  Your professionalism and competence are amazing.  You made me comfortable while encouraging me to work hard.  I actually looked forward to our 7:30 AM sessions.

As you know, I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and realized that my voice had over the last three years become much quieter and hoarse sounding.  Even though I did not realize it at the time, my self-confidence was also slowly eroding.  After spending 16 sessions in 4 weeks with you, this has all changed.

My good, loud voice is back, my self-confidence is restored and this has truly changed my life for the better.  I would welcome the opportunity to share this with everyone.  So please use this letter however you see fit and I would be happy to talk with individuals or groups about my experience with LSVT and you.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart and please keep up your extraordinary work”.
— Rich, Denver

“Of all the treatment I received in 2008, and there was a great deal as I averaged 6 - 7 doctors' visits per month, yours was the outstanding success. My voice is much, much better, and probably would be perfect without some lazy bad habits. Thank you. Let me know if you ever need an outstanding testimonial.”

— Ross, New York  

“I don't know how many times it happened each day, but it was too many. I would say something to my wife, just ordinary conversation, in a normal voice and then she would ask me to repeat myself. "What is her problem? Is she losing her hearing?" I thought to myself. After about the fourth or fifth time, I'd snap back, "NEVER MIND!" She says, "Mike, I can't understand what you are saying." I'd snap back again, "NEVER MIND... IT'S NOT IMPORTANT!"

Take it from me... nothing is more frustrating and stressful than having to repeat yourself time and time again. It can cause someone to withdraw and stop communicating altogether. But I have a lot to say. No one can speak for me. I want to be understood. I want to learn how to speak LOUD and clear. After LSVT LOUD, I had an appointment with my neurologist and she commented, "You sound better, did you do something?" My wife even commented, after my recent talk at a Parkinson's conference, that she was impressed by how loud, clear, and effortlessly I spoke during my presentation.”
— Mike, Arizona